Will you have a safe space to keep my phone if I leave it in VM+ Warranty Collection Point? What will you do if my phone is lost? Will the data in my phone be lost after being warranted?

Category: Policy

When you send the device to the Care Point, you will sign the receipt and keep 01 copy so your device is kept safely. To avoid losing data during warranty process, please backup the data before

I want to switch mode to be silent immediately or according to the set time of the day like meeting - silent - sleeping to avoid being disturbed, what should I do?

Category: Situation

You can immediately select the "do not disturb" icon on the quick menu when slide down to get the device to silent mode immediately. In addition, you can also install the desired time and event so

In case I lost my phone, how do I lock it or delete data on my phone to secure information?

Category: Situation

You do the following:

• Log in to the link: https://www.google.com/android/find

• Enter the Gmail account that you have logged in on your mobile device.

• After login successfully, the system

Why is Vsmart warranty period only 18 months but not 24 months?

Category: Policy

While all currently mobile phone brands offer the warranty period in 12 months, Vsmart offers the longest one on the market of 18 months, which give you peace of mind to trust a product "Made in

If the replacement device is still defective, how will it be handled? Is there a limit to the number of replacement? Can I return the device?

Category: Policy

The 1-for-1 exchange policy does not limit the number of replacements, as long as the device is found defective within the exchanging period. Returning defective products will comply with the

My phone has been purchased and used for a few days but I have not seen warranty information at Vsmart application, what should I do?

Category: Situation

Please go to CHPlay, update the application by clicking “Update Vsmart application” button and turning the device on for at least 4 hours with Internet connection enabled. After that, the

I can't set the wallpaper as desired because the wallpaper tends to be pulled out when choosing "set wallpaper", what should I do?

Category: Situation

You can edit the image to suit the screen size as follows: Select the picture - Tap Edit – Tap Resize - Tap 16:9 - choose to flip vertically - Calibrate the image object to create a wallpaper -

How do I know my phone is under the warranty period if it cannot be turned on?

Category: Policy

There are 2 ways to determine the warranty period:

- Based on the IMEI number displayed on the box..

- Based on the serial number on the back of the

What are Vsmart phone's outstanding features?

Category: Product

Vsmart is the first mobile brand fully produced in Vietnam with 15% higher in performance and 15% lower in price comparing with its competing products of other brands. Also, Vsmart’s warranty

My phone can not turn on and I don't remember the date of purchase, how can I check the warranty/exchange period?

Category: Policy

Warranty activation time is calculated according to your phone's IMEI or serial number. If the device does not power up, you can find the IMEI number showned on the box or on the back of the phone.