I want to know the MAC address of the phone, where can I check?

Category: Situation

You go to Settings - System - About phone - Status - MAC address of

The 101 day 1-for-1 exchange policy is calculated from the date of purchase or from the Warranty Activation Date?

Category: Policy

The 1-for-1 exchange period is caculated from the date the device electronic warranty is activated. For other cases, it may be referenced from the date you buy the device (as long as you can

I want to bring the faulty device to the Warranty Collection Point to return (but I don't want to change for new device), does Vinsmart has policy for returning?

Category: Policy

Vinsmart does not offer a policy for returning device but supports replacement or warranty if found defective. If you still want to return phone, please contact the authorized dealers that sold the

What accessories is included inside Vsmart phone box?

Category: Product

Accessories sold with the Vsmart phone include: charger, charger cable, headset, case, a basic product user manual and a SIM ejector

Where can I buy Vsmart phones? Can I earn points for VinID account when I buy?

Category: Situation

All Vsmart phones are currently being sold at various electronic supermarkets or stores such as Vinpro, Vien Thong A, Nguyen Kim, Dien May Cho Lon, Viettel, FPT, etc, or online on Adayroi.com or

My phone is defective but there are signs of old, scratched, non-impacted, will the device still be eligible for the 1-0-1 policy?

Category: Policy

VinSmart technicians will directly check the fautly products, if it meets exchanging conditions under the 1-for-1 exchange policy, it will be

If the faulty product is accepted for replacement, can I change it to another color or another model with higher value?

Category: Policy

The 1-for-1 exchange policy is applicable for same color and same type replacement only. If you want to change to another type/color, you can contact authorized dealers (supermarkets or

Where can I use the Vsmart warranty for my phones?

Category: Situation

Currently, VinSmart has more than 500 Warranty collection points at Vinmart+ stores nationwide and 3 Customer Care Centers located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da

Can I use Vsmart phones oversea?

Category: Situation

Vsmart phones can still be used overseas, but you need to check the network coverage of local service

I want to install SIM as desired: SIM 1 connected to the internet, SIM 2 used for calling - messaging, what should I do?

Category: Situation

Please go to Settings - SIM card - Priority SIM card for:

• Mobile data (select SIM 1)

• Call (select SIM 2)

• SMS message (Select SIM 2).

Or you can change the SIM setting as you